Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Tracker Pricing Introduction: Six Months Later


It’s been six months since we announced pricing for Pivotal Tracker. As Tracker grew to become the world’s favorite agile project management app, and an essential service for thousands of companies around the world, this became a necessary step for us, in order to continue providing a great product with world-class support.

Since then, we’ve rolled up our sleeves, and went to work on a long backlog of features, as promised. So far, we’ve rolled out a number of core usability improvements, as well as new features such as custom point scales, multi-story drag and drop, a brand new iOS app, and more.

As part of the pricing introduction, we offered all existing users 6 months to continue using Tracker for free, in order to give everyone plenty of time to evaluate their options.

This week marks the end of this 6-month free period, and we really couldn’t be more grateful for the fact that the majority of you have chosen to stay with Tracker—thank you! You’ve given us the mandate to make Tracker the best possible collaboration and project management software for development teams of any size, everywhere.

Plan Options

For those still considering options, Tracker price plans start at just $7/month, for up to 3 collaborators and 5 private projects. Public projects are free, with unlimited collaborators. Individual use (no other collaborators) is also free, and we offer sponsored plans for non-profit organizations and academic institutions, by request.


Paid plans are managed with accounts. Accounts are not the same as logins—they are a mechanism for grouping projects together for the purpose of sharing access and administration. You can read more about accounts in our FAQ.

Note: Projects at your organization may belong to a number of different accounts—we have an article on the Tracker blog that outlines the steps to consolidate these projects into a single account, as well as how to manage administration and subscription plans in one place.

Transition to Free Plan

Accounts that were on the six month extended free period were completely unlimited in terms of projects, collaborators, or file storage. As the free period ended on July 19, any accounts that were not explicitly upgraded to one of the paid plans transitioned to the free plan automatically. The free plan allows for up to 5 projects for individual use (no collaborators), and up to 200MB of file attachment storage.

As described in recent emails to account owners, accounts that are over the limits of the free plan have become read only. You can still access them fully, but you will not able to add or edit stories until you either reduce collaborators/projects/file attachments, or upgrade the account to a plan that allows for your account’s level of use. See the FAQ for more information on this.

Note: If you’ve already upgraded your account, but find that some of your projects are still in read-only mode, the projects may be in a different account, and will need to be moved. You can see which account(s) your projects are in by going to the My Projects page. Projects can be moved to a different account easily, via the project settings page—more on that in the article mentioned above.

Getting Help

If you have any questions at all, or have problems accessing any of your projects, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us, by email. We generally try to respond within a few hours.

Again, we’d like to thank all of you for your continued support. We’re looking forward to getting that next big feature out soon!