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Jeanette Head

Improving Accessibility in Pivotal Tracker


Last year at a conference, I attended an open spaces session on accessibility and it really caught my attention. Since then, I’ve been taking steps to help our team build an understanding and appreciation for accessibility and the ways that we can improve Tracker with accessibility in mind. Read more...

Jeremy Jarrell

Keeping Your Team on Track


One of the most striking things that nearly all highly effective teams have in common is a small—but reasonable—set of clearly defined goals for each iteration. Rather than obsessing over secondary metrics, such as the number of stories closed or the total number of points completed, successful teams measure their success by their ability to deliver on the goals they set for themselves at the beginning of the iteration. Read more...

Jeremy Jarrell

Embracing Evil with Evil User Stories


If you’re like most product managers, you probably have a backlog full of user stories representing just what you’d like to see your best users do with your product. But what about your not so great users? Read more...

Jeremy Jarrell

Velocity Is Not the Goal


How is my team doing? How much have they done? Inevitably, after your team starts to make progress using an agile methodology, you’ll find yourself wanting to measure that progress. And as soon as you start to look at how to measure agile teams, you’ll encounter velocity. Read more...

Jeremy Jarrell

Choosing the Right Iteration Length


One of the most common questions facing teams that are new to agile is, “What’s the right iteration length for our team?” Although this question can seem daunting at first, there’s actually a simple way to find the answer. Read more...