Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Tracker for iOS—Now with Epics!


Version 1.7 of the Pivotal Tracker iOS app is now available in the App Store, with epics (finally!), as well as a number of usability improvements.

Epics in Pivotal Tracker let your team plan, discuss, and easily keep track of progress of coarse-grained features or themes, at a level higher than individual stories. If haven’t used them yet, or need a refresher, you’ll find this useful.

Tap the new epics button to see your project’s epics. You can reorder epics via touch and drag, and add new ones with the + button at the top.

Tap an epic to see and work with that epic’s stories, add new stories to the epic, or rearrange them. The Details button here takes you to the epic itself, where you can describe the large feature as a whole, share designs, or discuss it with your team mates via comments.

Add a story to an epic by dragging it to it, or by choosing the epic’s purple label while editing the story.

You’ll notice some other changes in this update, including many small improvements to story editing, the ability to view non-image file attachments, as well as the option to poll for changes every 5 seconds (in settings). And, the app now uses the brand new version of the Tracker developer API (V5).

Head over to the App Store to see all the details, and download the app now!