Dan Podsedly

New in the Tracker Beta: Attack of the (Story) Clones!


It’s finally here: you can now make copies of your stories with one click story cloning! Break larger stories down more easily, create stories similar to existing ones, or use icebox stories with elaborate tasks as templates for new projects.

This feature is only available in the Tracker beta, so if you’re not yet using it, now might be a great time to switch. Click that Switch to Beta button at the top of the page when in any project, and while you won’t want to, you can switch back (using the option under your username at the top right) at any time.

Cloning a story in Pivotal Tracker

Cloning multiple stories in Pivotal Tracker

Clone one or more selected stories with the bulk action buttons at the top left of the page. You can also expand a story and clone it with the Clone this story button to the right of its id number. Cloned stories go to the top of the icebox, and include the original story’s title, description, type, labels, and tasks.

Hint: The bulk actions also allow you to move selected stories to another project, which in conjunction with story cloning can be used to create new projects based on a template, for example. Clone a project’s stories, then move them to a new project to get things started quickly.

Enjoy, and as always, please share your feedback via the in-app feedback button, in comments here, or by email.