Matthew Moriarty

Following and Notifications Now in Pivotal Tracker for iOS


Update: We are aware of an issue with the appearance of Pivotal Tracker on iOS 7. We’ve submitted a fixed version to the App Store, which will be released automatically once it is approved by Apple. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.

Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.8 is now available in the App Store with some great new features to keep you in the loop with your team.

Following and @mentions

Just like in the web version of Tracker, you can now follow stories and epics, so you’ll always be a part of the conversation. If you need someone else’s attention, bring them into the discussion by @mentioning them. You’ve been able to do this since we added it to the web version, but now Tracker for iOS will suggest team members as you type. Just tap a person’s name to fill in their username and keep writing!

You saw it here first: in-app notifications

Tracker has been sending email notifications for some time, but if you got one from your iOS device, you couldn’t do much with it. Now you can see all of your Tracker notifications from within the app!

Tap the Notifications icon to see all of your notifications from all of your projects, no matter which project you’re viewing. You can easily see the Tracker activity that matters to you. If you need to see some more context for what your teammate said, tap the notification to see the relevant story or epic. The Notifications icon will show a badge when you have unread notifications.

This is great for when you’re actively using Tracker, but if you’re not checking, you may miss an important notification. If someone @mentions you, they probably need your attention soon. In Tracker for iOS, you now have the option to receive push notifications when a teammate @mentions you. Even if you’re not using Tracker at the time, you’ll see a notification and be able to decide if you need to take action.

While beta testing this features, we on the Tracker team were surprised how much of a difference this feature made. Our project manager, Dan, works remotely from the rest of the Tracker team, but he always has his iPhone with him. Now we can @mention Dan with a question about a story, and get feedback in just minutes!

Head over to the App Store and download the app now!