Pivotal Tracker vs. Trello

See how the world’s most popular product-planning tool measures up against Trello.

Why do people love Tracker?

It's easy to use. Master the basics and get working on your projects quickly. A single-page, drag-and-drop UI makes project management and collaboration simple and intuitive.

It offers project transparency. With a shared, clear view of your entire team’s work, everyone has a real-time, single source of truth. A quick scan explains where your team is, who’s accountable, and what’s coming next.

It has automatic planning. When you let Tracker do the planning, you can say goodbye to managing your own timelines and meeting unrealistic expectations, and keep your team in steady rhythm.

It shows all your work in one place. Use multiproject Workspaces to organize and view all your projects side-by-side—any way you like—on one screen.

Pivotal Tracker as an alternative to Trello




Easy to use

Master the core functionality in under 15 minutes and onboard new team members with ease.

Drag and drop

Organizing and prioritizing work is intuitive and natural.


Place multiple, related stories in an epic to better manage large features and roadmaps.


Create release markers to make deadlines visible to the whole team.


Built-in workflow is the same way for everyone, eliminating confusion and ensuring productivity.



Get a good idea of when your team might complete the work they have on their plate.


See the big picture and all the useful trends in each of your projects with a host of charts and reports.

Agile reporting

Analyze your team’s velocity, cycle time, rejection rate, and story composition to stay nimble.

Automatic planning

Tracker calculates how much work your team can feasibly complete, iteration to iteration.


Know how fast your team’s progressing and how consistent (i.e., volatile) your rate is.


Assign points to your feature stories to help determine complexity and priority.

Clear priorities

Master the core functionality in under 15 minutes and onboard new team members with ease.


Mobile apps

Tracker has native iOS and Android apps to keep on-the-go members informed.

Rest API

If you can’t find an integration or extension in our Integrations Directory, build your own!

“Once we moved to Tracker [from Trello], we could actually see what our progress looked like sprint after sprint, and how we could build a more sustainable cycle.”

—Jessica Rusin, Guild Education