Pivotal Tracker is free!

(For the majority of customers, anyway.)

Teams of up to five—and maybe a few more—are completely free

If you’re looking for the best free agile project management tool for software development teams, look no further. One of the things that sets Tracker apart is that we try and do good by as many people as possible. If your budget is constrained, we have several flexible options for you to consider.

Tracker is free for teams of up to five. It’s that simple.

This is also a great way to extend your 30-day free trial and kick the tires on the best project management software around—as long as your team of tire-kickers doesn’t exceed five people. (Please note: for compliance purposes, while Pivotal Tracker is the best project management software you can probably find, it has no tires.)

Even if you have a ragtag team of 20 tire-kickers who wanted to access your project, there is still a way to keep Tracker free—make them view-only members. It’s all true! While viewers are read-only members and can’t make any changes or follow stories, you can have as many viewers as you like, without it counting against your plan limits.

Nonprofit organizations

We understand and appreciate that nonprofits need to focus the funds they have on the cause that motivates them every day; spending money on anything that diverts from that mission is challenging. We don’t want you to have to worry about Tracker and we’re happy to offer our project management tool for free.

These Sponsored Plans are valid for qualified, tax-exempt nonprofits. If that describes you, please follow the few simple steps we outline and get onto a sponsored plan today!



Whether you’re a student, a professor, or are any member of an academic institution, Tracker is free for you. The best way to get started is to go to our Help Center and follow our six steps to requesting a sponsored plan.

If you’re a student, you have a few available options. If privacy isn’t a concern, consider making your Tracker project public (see below). Public projects are also free and allow unlimited users. If you’d prefer a private account, and require more than five collaborators, we recommend that you ask your teacher or any full-time staff member to request a sponsored plan.


Make your projects public

Tracker is free to any team, of any size, if they choose to make their project public. Lots of people take advantage of this option, from gaming companies to government entities. You can launch a project as a public one or turn any existing project into a public project by simply enabling the Public Access option on the Project Settings page.

These public projects are visible (in read-only mode) to anyone with the project URL, whether they are logged in to Tracker or not. They’re ideal for open-source projects, or any project that doesn’t require data privacy. This is also a simple way for a larger group to play with Tracker and not worry about exceeding your collaborator limit. (Though please remember: this tire-kicking will be publicly visible.)

Mobile devices