Dan Podsedly

Wrapping Up 2016 and Looking Ahead


Pivotal Tracker logo in snow

Thank you for a great year!

As we head into the sunset of 2016, we’d like to look back at what’s been happening with Tracker, and share a peek at the not-so-mysterious future.

Making Tracker work better for larger teams has been a primary goal this year. This began in earnest with the release of a revamped Analytics, which was heavily influenced by your input. There were also a host of updates, including a cross-project dashboard, story linking, collapsed commits, a more robust bulk actions menu, and other usability features. The Integrations Directory was reimagined to make those add-ons easier to find. For those moments or features that required more explanation, there’s now a fully searchable Help Center that covers every corner of Tracker. And the enterprise experience now includes Single-Sign On, org-visible projects, and extended project history, with more on the way soon.

As for 2017, you can expect an improved workflow and more big updates. That will include easier highlighting and handling of blocked stories and an overhaul of our integrations, starting with making it simpler to set up GitHub and associate commits (and other code artifacts) to a story. New versions are also just around the corner for the Android and iOS apps. And for those who just can’t express the little moments of project joy and despair without them: emoji! 🎉

If you’re in Los Angeles, we’re planning a Product Management roadshow in conjunction with a few partners in late January. Follow us @PivotalTracker to stay informed, as that show will travel to additional cities in the Spring. And more of your stories are on the way so the Tracker community can continue to learn from each other.

As always, your feedback is welcome. In the meantime, stay safe, stay warm, and don’t be afraid to make your egg nog from scratch.


—The Tracker team

PS…FemgineerTV continues to probe tech industry leaders for their insight and perspective, and the latest episode with Jessica McKellar of Dropbox is no exception. Check it out, and stay tuned for Season 3 in January!