Ronan Dunlop

Where Do Product Management and Project Management Intersect?


Many product managers transition into product management from project management. How to do this and what the differences in these roles are was the central topic of a recent panel discussion held in the Denver Pivotal office. This panel of amazing product owners—ranging from startups to traditional enterprises—dove deep into the topic, sharing their personal stories and hard-earned wisdom. They address such fundamental questions as:

  • How do the project manager and product manager roles differ in concept and in practice? (05:11)
  • What qualities and characteristics do project and product managers need to have to be successful? (14:47)
  • Does the size and complexity of your organization and systems matter? (37:25)
  • Is agile project management the industry standard and will it replace everything else? (39:35)
  • How do you overcome the roadblocks of intersecting product management and project management responsibilities? (1:09:15)

The Intersection of Product Management and Project Management from Pivotal Tracker on YouTube.

Our deepest thanks to our prestigious panelists: Dan Podsedly, Pivotal VP and the godfather of Pivotal Tracker; Jesse Garland, Sr. Product Owner at WellTok; Pam Johnson, PhD and Principal Systems Engineer at DigitalGlobe; Rick Landon, Director at Cigna; and Donald Meyer, CPO at Arrow Electronics. The conversation was expertly moderated by Nick Pipher, Global PM at Hach Company. Many thanks to the Project Management Institute Mile Hi Chapter for bringing these people together and orchestrating the event.