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Ronan Dunlop

Product Stack Webinar: Product Management’s Role in a Modern Cross-Functional Team


Join us for a panel discussion on product management’s role in modern cross-functional teams as the Product Stack welcomes Heidi Helfand, Director of Engineering Excellence from Procore Technologies and author of the book Dynamic Reteaming, along with Agile Coach Jennifer Payne from ProductPlan, Product Manager Hadrien Raffalli from Pivotal Tracker, and VP of Products and UX Kevin Steigerwald from Jama Software. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Product Stack Denver—Panel

As promised, here is video of the panel discussion from our Product Stack event in Denver last week, emceed by Jay Zeschin, and featuring Jim Semick of ProductPlan, Dan Podsedly of Tracker, Jess Sherlock of GoSpotCheck, Aaron Duke of CirrusMD, and Kevin Steigerwald of Notion. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Product Stack Denver—Keynote

Our first Product Stack event in Denver was a huge success! A large crowd of PMs and the PM-curious came out for a keynote from Jay Zeschin, CTO of Ello, as well as the full panel discussion. (There may have been some mingling and boozing as well; unconfirmed.) Here’s the full video of Jay’s talk about inflection points. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

Product Stack Denver—An Event for PMs


We’re bringing the Product Stack to the mile-high city on May 2! Don’t miss this exciting product management event! The Product Stack is a coalition of product manager allies—from ProductPlan, Pivotal Tracker, and Notion—focused on helping PMs build customer-centric products through successful product planning, more efficient sprint execution, and clearer insight into the metrics that matter most. Read more...