Dan Podsedly

New in Pivotal Tracker: Story Following and User @mentions


It’s now even easier to collaborate with your teammates and keep the right people up to date. We’re very excited to announce Tracker story following and @mentioning!

Get people’s attention with @mentions

Ever wanted to include someone on epic comments or a story discussion, even if they’re not a requester or owner? @mentions allow you to do exactly that. Once you add them, they’ll be alerted by a NEW MENTION email with a link to the story or epic. They will also be included on any future updates.

To add someone as a follower, simply type @ in a story comment, then their initials or a few characters of a name or username will filter the list.

@mentioning someone in a comment every time you want their attention can also help your team filter their emails so they see those first.

Follow stories and epics

Story following allows you to receive updates on stories and epics relevant to you. Check the “follow this story” box under any story or epic to follow it, then any changes will be sent to you via email.

You can see how many people are following at a glance; just mouse-over to see who they are.

Following stories that you requested or own is automatic, and by default you follow any story or epic on which you’ve commented. Including someone in a story or epic using @mentions will automatically add them as a follower too.

Email notification settings and unfollowing

You still have control over the email notifications you receive. Check the Email Preferences section under your Profile to be sure you are getting the emails you want.

You can see if someone you want to follow a story or epic has their email notifications turned off, by the “no-email” icon next to their name when you start typing it after the @ symbol.

Also, if you’re getting too much of a good thing, you can uncheck the “follow this story” box.

Your username

Finally, following requires you to have a username now, and we’ve auto-generated one if you didn’t have one previously (as covered in this blog post). Your Profile is also where you can change your username assuming someone else hasn’t already snagged the one you want. Usernames do currently have to be unique in all of Tracker, not just the people in all the projects under the same Tracker account.

We’d love to hear what you think about following and @mentions in Tracker so please leave a comment below or get in touch via email.