Dan Podsedly

Keeping Up with Updates to the New Pivotal Tracker API


The new Pivotal Tracker Developer API (V5) has been in public beta since the summer. Usage is growing fast, and we’re seeing some great new apps built against it. Check them out in the new App Bazaar!

Over the last few months the new API has evolved with bug fixes, changes based on your feedback, and a number of new endpoints. Recently, we’ve added support for managing account members and their roles, as well as project integrations and webhooks via the API. We’ve also made it much easier to find the stories you’re looking for, with expanded search criteria, available via the UI as well as the API.

For a detailed list, see the API V5 change log.

We still have some new, in-progress features that will affect the API, notably the ability for stories to have multiple owners, but overall we’re now considering API V5 to be quite stable. We’ll be removing the “beta” label some time in the new year, and publishing API versioning guidelines to set expectations as to what may change in V5 in the future, versus in an “edge” version.

If you haven’t already, please share your feedback on the API in comments here, or via email.

Thanks, and keep on building!