Christian Niles

Greatly Refined Story Editing in Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6


Today we’ve released Pivotal Tracker for iOS 1.6 to the App Store. With this release we’ve thoroughly refined the app to make updating stories easier and more enjoyable. While there are all kinds of refinements, we think you’ll be most excited about the following:

All text can now be edited inline

A story’s name, description, tasks, and comments are all editable inline, without transitioning to a new screen and losing context. While editing, text now wraps gracefully across multiple lines as you type.

For example, previous versions of the app provided a separate screen for creating a comment. In version 1.6 this now happens inline, right where the comment will be added. This allows you to continue to scan other comments or details about the story as you write.

Managing labels is easier

Finding and adding labels to a story is much improved, especially for larger projects. The label list now filters as you type, which helps avoid duplicate or mistyped labels. Adding a new label is also much more obvious and easy.

Moving tasks doesn’t require a separate mode anymore

All tasks can now be moved using the standard move controls, without the need to go into “move” mode. This gets rid of a needless extra taps. To remove a task, simply swipe it and tap the “Delete” button.

Moving or deleting a story are both more accessible

We’ve gotten rid of the separate “Action” screen, and replaced it with a pair of buttons to move or delete a story. You’ll find these at the very bottom of the story editor, rather than the old icon in the title bar.

We hope you love this release! Please don’t be shy about how we can continue to make the app better.