Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Tracker API Update


The Pivotal Tracker API has now been available for just over a year, and we’re really pleased with the rich variety of tools and applications that our user community has built with it, to extend Tracker’s functionality. There are now integration tools, wrappers for various programming languages, mobile apps, an IRC console, and many more on the way (see the third-party tools page for a comprehensive list).

We’re continuing to improve the API based on your feedback. Recently, we’ve added the ability to create projects, manage project members, and search for stories based on created and last modified dates. For the next API release, we’re adding ability to move a story relative to another story, add file attachments, and get current project velocity and all labels. We’re also adding support for Github post-commit hooks, so you can do things like “finishes #123456” in your commit messages.

The most exciting new feature that we’re working on, though, is a push webhook, which will allow your applications to listen to activity in your Tracker project(s). You’ll be able to register a URL, per project, to which Tracker will post all story changes to (as XML). With this webhook, we’re hoping to enable a whole new class of 3rd party tools and applications, for example to facilitate 2 way integration with bug tools.

Most of these enhancements will be part of a new version of the API (V3), which we hope to have ready at the end of the year. As part of this release, we will also be turning off the first version of the API (V1), so if you’re still using that version, you’ll need to update your client code to V2 prior to that. V2 is the current version, documented on the [API Help page]. For the exact date of this release, watch this blog, or follow @pivotaltracker.

As always, your feedback is welcome. If you have ideas for other things that would be useful to add to the API, or have built a tool you’d like to share, let us know!