Dan Podsedly

New Pivotal Tracker Features


We’ve rolled out some new features in Pivotal Tracker.

New API version

There’s a new version of the developer API, with the following changes:

  • support for ActiveResource
  • responses no longer wrapped in an element, using HTTP return codes instead to indicate success or error
  • ability to get a list of your projects
  • you can now page through stories with a limit and offset
  • it’s now possible to obtain an authentication token by specifying a username and password (via basic auth or header parameters). This makes it easier to build interactive clients, for example a mobile app.

The previous API version (v1) is still supported, but will be deprecated at some point in the future. Please see the API Help page for more details.

Ability to change point scale

It’s now possible to change your project’s point scale, even if you’ve already estimated stories.

Demo projects

New Tracker users will now see a link on the Dashboard to create a demo project, with example stories. You can also create a demo project from the My Projects page.

Story comment notifications

There’s now an option (on the My Profile page to receive new comment email notifications for all stories in you project(s), not just stories you’re a requester/owner of.

As always, we look forward to your feedback!