Dan Podsedly

New in Pivotal Tracker: Full-Page Stories!


One of the goals of Pivotal Tracker is to give everyone on your team the same view of your project, and allow people to work with individual stories but without losing sight of the big picture.

Some stories, though, and especially epics, can accumulate quite a bit content, including comments, source commits, and mockups. It can be hard to read all this, sometimes, so to make it easier, we’ve added the ability to zoom in, and expand stories to full page mode.

This feature also lets you get to individual stories much faster, when clicking on a link to a story, for example in an email.

To toggle between a normal size story to full page mode, click on the arrow button to the right of the story title. To shrink a full page story, and see it the context of the project, click the arrow button in the top right corner, next to the “x,” which closes the story.

Any changes you might be in the middle of making on the story get preserved as you zoom in or out.

We’d love to know what you think! Share your feedback in the comments here, or by email.