Steve Lichtenstein

New Feature: Preventing Accidental Story Deletions


Throughout the course of history, humanity has learned to develop new and improved ways to correct or mitigate its mistakes. In 1770, the first widely available rubber eraser replaced the use of crustless bread to get rid of errant marks. In 1942, an Iowan farmer became the first person to exclaim “Argh! Do-over!” after mistakenly plowing over his recently planted crops [citation needed]. And now, continuing in that great tradition, Pivotal Tracker is introducing a new feature intended to prevent accidental multiple story deletion.

Here’s a scenario that may be familiar: You’ve selected several stories, applied labels to them, selected more stories, and then hit the Delete button, not aware that you’re also accidentally deleting the previously selected stories.

As a preventive measure, we’ve introduced a “smart delete” confirmation feature that will help you to avoid this in the future. (We also considered a fuller, more complex undelete feature, and will dive into our thinking for not choosing that in a subsequent blog post.)

The dialogue for deleting multiple stories in Pivotal Tracker

This confirmation will give you the chance to confirm or deny your decision, and hopefully avoid more accidental deletions. Tl;dr: Pivotal Tracker now integrates with crustless bread.

As this new feature rolls out, let us know if you encounter any issues by emailing us. And be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for future updates.