Joanne Webb

Beta Update: Scrolling Improvements, Internet Explorer Support, and More


You know that reload message? Well it was worth clicking today as the Tracker beta UI has quite a few improvements, including removing the “Unsupported Browser” message for IE 10 and IE 11. There are still some minor issues, but we’ve completed a full pass of testing, and you can use these browsers for your projects.

Please note: IE 9 will not be supported in the new UI.

A few other highlights are:

  • Automatic horizontal scrolling of stories and panels when dragging should make moving them easier.
  • When adding a story to the Current panel or combined Current/Backlog panel, it now appears as the first unstarted story, rather than at the bottom of the backlog.
  • The Search Improvements section in the Beta Overview now includes how to remove a saved search. (I know, what a tease, but do give the overview a look (in the Help & Updates menu, top right in the beta) it’s a quick but really useful read).
  • Also, too many fixes to list!

Last but not least, when you are kind enough to give feedback, hitting ESC with text in the feedback widget no longer loses what you’ve typed.