Drew McKinney

Beta Enabled for All Tracker Users, Plus Email Updates


Exciting news! All users now have access to the redesigned Pivotal Tracker, which includes an improved UI, multiproject workspace, cross-project search, in-app notifications and so much more. Read more about the Tracker Beta here.

Activate the Beta as your default by clicking the Switch to Beta button toward the top-right of the Tracker page.

Once you’ve switched, please check out the Beta Overview panel to learn about the new features. Please send us Beta-specific feedback through the Beta Feedback Button in the Tracker Help & Updates menu and side bar.

Email notifications updates

We’ve listened to your feedback about our recent email notifications updates. Many of you appreciate the new email threading capabilities, but some asked to have the old story actions-in-title back. You can now enable emails to include workflow actions by turning them on in your Profile > Notifications Settings.

Along with this, we’ve tweaked email notification content to make comments, commit messages and story links more readable. We’ve also reintroduced the story ID to story URLs in the footer of the notification:

Please share your thoughts

Please continue to send us beta-specific feedback through the beta feedback button and general feedback through email. This feedback is instrumental to future product improvements.

As always, follow us on Twitter for the latest Tracker updates.