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TimeLedger is an online and mobile application that gives businesses real-time feedback as to what their people are working on and where their labor and expenses are going. TimeLedger provides immediately available information about the return on investment you’re getting on clients, projects and your resources to help increase your profits.

TimeLedger is an online time and expense tracking application for businesses and organizations of 1 to 5,000 people. You can enter time, expenses, activities and work descriptions against projects assigned to you. Time and expense entry is designed to be fast and easy. Most recent projects are shown first - with a full concordance search of all projects assigned to you.

Quickly enter descriptions by viewing most recent descriptions for the same project. Select tasks or activities from lists unique to each particular project or timekeeper. Time is uploaded to a central server for real-time business reporting and automatic alerting. Take and upload pictures of receipts or other expense-related items and attach to expense reports.

Category: Time Tracking

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