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It is our endeavor to build a feature rich, user friendly yet secured test cases management tool; here are the features being offered by TestCollab:

  • Pricing plans for organizations of all sizes
  • Secured with 256-bit SSL encryption
  • Automated DB backups
  • Custom user rights management
  • Unlimited projects

Easily manageable test cases repositories:

  • Import and export test cases for better portability
  • Sort and filter (saved filters)
  • Custom fields
  • Test case review and approval system for better workflow management
  • Copy test cases between projects in bulk
  • Ability to comment and attach files with test cases
  • Copy and edit individually or in bulk
  • Reusable steps
  • Tags and custom fields
  • Test case versioning to trace the changes it has been through with option to revert to a previous version
  • Reusable suites to link test suites from one project into another
  • Comprehensive test execution logs

test case management

Customize workflow

Test plans management:

  • Define configurations to let manage test executions in different environments and scenarios
  • Assign test cases or configurations to one or more testers
  • Add and remove test cases from test plans on the go
  • Comment and attach files while tests are being executed
  • Estimates on execution times
  • Add Runs for regressive testing
  • Comprehensive test plan summaries
  • Custom fields

Collaborative test plans

Test plan time estimates

Test plan code comments

Integration defects managers:

  • Get test case failures reported as defects in tools like Jira, Gitlab, Github, Pivotal Tracker, Azure DevOps and Asana
  • Testers can decide which test case failure needs to be reported
  • Complete control data including the field values that will be part of reported defects
  • Option to manage defects within TestCollab itself with no need of any external tool

Requirements management:

  • Link stories, features and tasks as requirements with test cases from Jira, Gitlab, Pivotal Tracker and Azure
  • Get requirements traceability matrix generated in realtime for coverage analysis
  • Option to manage requirements within TestCollab itself with no need of any external tool
  • Bi-directional integration with JIRA
  • Manage test cases and create test plans right within JIRA

REST API (https://developers.testcollab.com) Comprehensive knowledge-base (https://help.testcollab.com)

Category: Testing

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