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Scripts for Tracker embeds an online code editor into your Tracker projects. It’s designed for power users, automation geeks, and API developers who want a more streamlined way to add alerts, reports, integrations, automations, and workflows to their Tracker projects.

For example, you can build an import/export integration with Sheets in 90 seconds:

Here’s what you get with Scripts:

Automation, one click away

Discover the Blockspring icon tucked away at the bottom of your Tracker projects. One click opens the tools you need to start scripting.

A beautiful online editor, designed for APIs

The editor takes the pain out of working with APIs. It comes with features like autocomplete, standardized SDKs, webhooks, oauth, modules, logging, and hosting, and is built from the ground up for extending Tracker.

A streamlined way to extend Tracker for your team

Add alerts, reports, integrations, automations, and workflows to Tracker projects. Share with your team or just enable for yourself. Just like Google Scripts or VBA is to spreadsheets, this is to Tracker. All you need is a dash of Python.

Works for many of your favorite tools

Scripts is also enabled for many other great productivity apps, including GitHub, Airtable, Asana, and more.

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