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PractiTest is a test management solution, designed to help you control your testing and cooperate efficiently with the Agile development process. It focuses on how to manage your project and its information, and how to communicate the outcomes of your testing to everyone in the organization at any given time, making it an ideal solution for Agile users.

The software has an End-to End 2-way integration with Pivotal Tracker that includes real-time synchronization of Tracker’s stories with PractiTest. This allows users to benefit from the best available solutions: Pivotal Tracker for Agile development and PractiTest for Test management. Live updates allow full control and visibility to all team members: testers, developers, product owners, etc.

PractiTest also integrates with Automation tools such as Selenuim, JUnit, SoapUi, with CI tools such as Jenkins, Bamboo, and many more using APIs.

Category: Testing

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