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Locations: San Francisco, CA

Number of employees: 2–10

Pivotal Tracker user since: 2011

Description: Nitid is a San Francisco-based software development consultancy founded by Jeremy Yun in 2011. We collaborate closely with our clients to build web and mobile applications, content and data management systems, and bespoke software applications.

We subscribe to the tenets of agile software development. This approach is fundamentally collaborative, and employs continuous conversation, delivery, evaluation, and feedback to steer a project to success, rather than relying on monolithic specifications and one-shot delivery. It is very suitable for projects with constrained budgets where there is some flexibility in defining the scope of the solution. We employ practices from methodologies like Extreme Programming and Scrum.

Our clients past and present include both nonprofit organizations (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, The American Chestnut Foundation) and commercial ventures (Anson Mills, myTheo, Informed).

Services: Product Development Product Design Training and Coaching

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