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Jeremy Jarrell, LLC

Locations: Pittsburgh, PA

Number of employees: 1

Pivotal Tracker user since: 2010

Description: Jeremy Jarrell is an agile coach, trainer, and author who helps teams get better at doing what they love. In addition to creating online training courses for publishers such as Pluralsight and Front Row Agile, Jeremy also serves as a mentor to individuals who are interested in deepening their level of agile mastery.

Jeremy regularly works one-on-one with Scrum Masters and Product Owners who have just found themselves immersed in the agile world and may need a helping hand to get started in their role. In addition, he also works with more experienced individuals who are seeking to take their agile skills to the next level so they can help their own teams reach their full potential. Mentoring is available both in an in-person as well as in an online setting.

For coaching, training, or mentoring inquiries, Jeremy may be reached directly through his website.

Services: Training and Coaching

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