Charlie Springer

Tracker Screencast: Reorganize Panels with Multiple Story Selection, Cloning Panels, and More!


When you’re running East and the project goes West, it’s time to reorganize the backlog. This can be painful but Tracker comes to the rescue with multiple story selection and cloning panels. Here’s a little cheat sheet!

Dan Podsedly covered this in a blog post last year, here’s an excerpt:

To select multiple stories, use the small checkboxes to the right of story titles. If you’d like to select a range of stories, select the first story in the list, then shift-click on the last story. This will select all in the range, and allow you to drag them together, or use some of the other actions in the Stories drop-down, such as export to CSV or move to another project. Note: range select with shift-click only works in a single panel at a time, but you can select multiple ranges of stories across the whole project.

You can deselect a large number of stories in the Stories drop-down menu.

Check out this short Screencast to see a demo of working with multiple stories in Tracker!