Volume Inc.

Volume Inc. on Tracker's New Identity and Website


How did this new Pivotal Tracker’s identity system and website come about, anyway? It started with the need for Tracker to align its image and messaging in order to better identify and distinguish the product’s role as the industry leader in project management software.

Our process began with distilling Pivotal Tracker down to its primary essence: Tracker is a digital product that facilitates collaboration. But isn’t everything these days? Yet looking deeper revealed a rich backstory. Pivots are the original pioneers of agile. The relentless, inquisitive few who developed a better way of working that places people at the center, with an ethic of clear and transparent communication. “Synergy” is a common term these days, yet few products deliver on that desire to bring everyone together on the same page.

An ethos of “no BS” also informed our exploration. Looking beyond agile, Pivotal Tracker continues to innovate without sacrificing the “single view” that holds members of a team together with collaborative “glue.” Industry trends come and go. Yet Pivots resolutely continue to embrace extreme simplicity and group thinking. Case closed.

Tracker is perpetual motion, a synergy of moving stories, that maintains the extreme simplicity of the classic index card method. The logo is founded upon a center axis and open circle, which serve as both literal expression of Pivotal and unifying shape for its family of tools. It is an engine made of five index cards in perpetual motion.

The website leads big with “Build Better Software Faster,” a straightforward answer to “why should we care?”, the question we ask of every project we take on. Before long, the tagline re-shuffles dynamically recalling a backlog of stories-in-motion. The “Stories to Date” API serves as a metric of Tracker’s ubiquity. Key texts are highlighted to further focus and streamline the experience. No gratuitous styling, no BS—the visual is the content. And for a post-Volume Pivotal era, a style guide with easy rules codifies the system.

Success equals delivering a Pivotal Tracker identity that is distinctive and authoritative; a website that is usable, engaging and authentic; and a brand system that is replicable. Done, done, and doner.