Dan Podsedly

Update on Todays CDN Issues


At around 3pm Pacific today, we finally received word from our CDN provider that traffic had been rerouted around the “node” causing today’s problems for users in certain locations (manifesting as slow or failed loads of images and stylesheets). The change may have taken some time to propagate to everyone, but at this point the issue should be resolved.

If you’re still seeing any problems connecting to Tracker, or loading images/stylesheets, please let us know by email.

Unfortunately, this was the second CDN issue in less than a week, and we are less than happy with the length of time the problem took to get resolved. We have started to investigate other solutions/providers, and will likely be making changes to how Tracker static content is distributed within days.

Please accept our apologies, we’ll do our best to make sure this doesn’t happen again.