Ronan Dunlop

Tracker Ecosystem: Tracker Tracker


Tracker Tracker is an open-source web app that allows you to see and work with stories from across multiple projects in one Kanban style view, with search and filtering. That’s huge. We have nothing else to say on the matter really. For anyone juggling multiple projects in Pivotal Tracker this is a must consider app.

On a side note, rumor has it Tracker Tracker was built to prevent a team’s possible migration to another tool. We’re literally speechless when our community does stuff like this, but not so tongue tied we can’t say thank you!

Here are just a few of the cool features and benefits we’ve lifted directly from the Tracker Tracker github page:

  • Simultaneously view and manage stories across multiple projects
  • Scrum-like UI displays one column per story state
  • Search across all projects simultaneously
  • All labels for all projects are visible and have epic-like mini progress charts
  • Columns can be rearranged
  • Labels, searches, column order, selected projects all survive browser restart
  • It’s pretty easy to write custom columns and filters
  • Forecasting charts

Check it out here!