Dan Podsedly

Tracker Outages This Week


There appears to have been a data center outage early morning, affecting a number of applications including Pivotal Tracker. This has caused connectivity problems for users in some locations, and it appears to still be persisting for some.

We’re working with our hosting provider to get this resolved as soon as possible, this is our top priority.

This is the second data center outage this week. At the moment, we do not have enough information to know whether the outages are related.

Also, we have received reports that Tracker has been unreachable from certain parts of the world (including China) since the migration to a new data center last week. We’ve filed a request with Engine Yard to investigate, and hope to have this resolved soon.

Our apologies for the inconvenience these outages have caused. We’ll post more information here as we receive it. You can also follow @pivotaltracker on Twitter for updates.