Ronan Dunlop

Powerinbox: Putting the POW! Back into Your Inbox


Email is an antiquated concept that is an unmitigated productivity killer. Personally I have a suspicion that it’s actually Skynet 1.0. That said, it ain’t going away tomorrow or next month and or even by the end of the decade. So what is a human to do.

In comes Powerinbox, a company that has a “glass is half full” perspective on the issue. What they do is bring apps to your email, just like the iPhone brought apps to your phone. For starters, you can view your Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin feeds right from your email account.

Powerinbox is free and integrates with Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail, and Outlook and more relevantly, they play nice with us, Pivotal Tracker! To learn how check out their really informative blog post.

In a nutshell: if you’re reading this, you are the resistance and very likely a Tracker user with an email account and a host of social media connections, so do yourself a solid and checkout Powerinbox.