Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Tracker Moving to New Hosting Environment on Nov 6


The last two and a half years have been exciting for Pivotal Tracker. It’s grown from an internal tool we at Pivotal Labs occasionally shared with clients and friends to a mainstay of the Ruby, Rails and Agile worlds. Over this period, Engine Yard has provided us with their top-tier private cloud hosting, free of charge, as a service to the community. For this we are extremely grateful, and we hope our users share our gratitude for their generosity, in this and in so much else in the Ruby on Rails ecosystem.

As we’ve grown, Tracker has become a mission-critical system not just for us, but for over 140,000 developers, entrepreneurs, product owners, and enterprise clients on over 100,000 projects. The application handles over 50,000 requests per minute now, with peaks above 1,400 requests per second.

To support this level of usage, we’ve increased our level of investment in Pivotal Tracker on a number of fronts. So far, many of the changes have been invisible to our users: we’ve allocated more resources to Tracker development, and increasingly to Tracker operational support. We’ve also evaluated our hosting needs, including factors such as performance, level of control, and reliability. We’ve considered a number of options, and have chosen a hybrid solution made up of dedicated hardware for our database tier and private cloud for application servers. We think this option will provide the right level of control for our team, and provide the best overall performance and scaling capability.

What does this mean for you?

Specifically, it means that there is a migration coming up. We’re planning to cut over to the new hosting environment next Saturday, November 6th, starting at 8:00am PDT. Tracker will be unavailable during this migration, in a planned outage not to exceed 6 hours. We chose this time to minimize downtime during business hours for our customers in 158 countries worldwide. We don’t actually expect the move to take this long, but since it’s a big move, we want to make sure everything is working correctly before bringing things back up.

Pivotal Tracker will be moving to new IP addresses, so if you have any firewall rules or third party integrations that depend on this information, you will need to update them. We will be publishing the new IP addresses within the next few days, prior to the actual migration.

We’ve set the DNS TTL low leading up to the migration, so we don’t anticipate significant DNS propagation delays. If you are in a place where DNS changes take longer to propagate, however, please keep an eye out for this. We’ll help you with workarounds if the issue persists.

Thanks again to Engine Yard for all their great support. We continue to appreciate all they’re doing for the larger Rails community, and the huge investment they’ve made to support Pivotal Tracker. Tracker wouldn’t be what it is today without them.