Edward Hieatt

Mingle and Pivotal Tracker


Matthais Marschall at AgileWebOperations.com posted an interesting article the other day comparing Pivotal Tracker to Thoughtworks Mingle. He recognizes that the two tools have a very different philosophy when it comes to configurability: Mingle supports a huge number of different configuration options, whereas Tracker is intentionally very simple and more prescriptive about process. His take is that the simplicity of Tracker is fact a good thing. He likes Tracker’s backlog management, its simple UI, and the way that the tool fits naturally into the agile process:

Where Mingle is more like an assistant, whom you can tell to put a card on the wall or give you this or that report, Tracker is more like an agile coach, making sure all the administrative tasks like iteration tracking are “simply there.”

Chris’s recent post called The Tracker Story points out that simplicity and ease-of-use has always been one of Tracker’s core design principles:

Tracker embraces simplicity. It should make managing projects easy, rather than make its users slaves to maintaining the plan. It should give every user of the system more information back than they put in.

Tracker doesn’t have a huge list of features, because it tries to stay true to its core purpose.

Thanks for the post, Matthais, and we’re glad you’re finding Tracker to be a good fit for your development process.