Ronan Dunlop

Tracker Ecosystem: Meta Collaboration Tools


Is it a sign of the times that the cloud-based tools that allow us to work together better now need a tool of their own to work together better? A meta betta togetha tool in other words.

Sounds ironic, but it’s a fact that we struggle to manage the multiple communication streams we’re connected to; we’re running out of sandbags to contain the overflow.

For those of you that have Pivotal Tracker as one of your streams, we have many friends in the community that are seeking to help folks stay on top of and act upon all that valuable info in these multiple streams. One pond that all your streams feed into if you will. Not wishing to play favorites, here are some of our more recent partners in alphabetical order.

Try them out and please tell us what you think.

300 Miligrams shows all your business information from various cloud services together in one place.

BusyFlow is a workspace that makes your web-based productivity and collaboration apps work together.

Clutch has all your project updates in one beautiful feed, and works with many popular project management systems.

Flowdock is a collaboration web app for technical teams.

Hojoki lets all your cloud apps work as one.

Teambox joins social collaboration tools with online project management.

Traction Stream lets you listen to your applications and streams—curate and share what matters.