Ronan Dunlop

Crunch Time—A Pivotal POV


To truly understand Tracker you need to appreciate how Labs does what is does. Onsi Fakhouri does a great job explaining just that. Here’s an excerpt from his blog post.

CRUNCH TIME by Onsi Fakhouri

It comes up on almost every consulting project I’ve worked on as a pivot, but this particular conversation was memorable. I was surreptitiously ushered into a room by the product manager (PM). Once inside, he shut the door:

So, I know you guys don’t do crunch time… but we really need to ship by Monday.

I empathized with him, knowing that the pressure to hit the looming (and somewhat arbitrary) deadline was coming from upper management; and that a terrible gnawing fear was settilng in, threatening to drive all his decision-making.

But we don’t do crunch time.

At Labs our culture revolves around a handful of axioms. Perhaps chief among these is sustainability. It is because we value sustainability—seeing the developer and PM as real-life human beings with real needs and limitations—that we place a high emphasis on pairing, TDD and data-driven product management.

Let me explain.  

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