Dan Podsedly

Changes to the Pivotal Tracker Web Services Agreement


We’ve changed the Pivotal Tracker Web Services Agreement. The updated version includes clauses for the Apple App Store, as well as new language that covers use of all Tracker applications, including web, iOS, and Android.

Here is a detailed list of the changes:

  • The Pivotal Tracker iOS and Android applications were added to the first paragraph.
  • How we notify you of inadvertent exposure or loss has been clarified in Section 2.2 Security.
  • A typo regarding the termination of this Agreement was corrected in Section 7.5 Effect of Termination.
  • Sections 12.14 (iOS-Specific Terms) through 12.14.5 (Third-Party Beneficiary) were added for the Apple App Store.

As always, please email us with any questions.