Charlie Springer

Screencast: The Current and the Backlog, Together Again!


Today’s screencast is about understanding workflow in Tracker, with a twist of organization.

The Current panel shows you all of the stories your team is working on this week, or “iteration,” including those that are in progress, as well as stories that Tracker thinks you’re going to get done based on velocity. As you’ve probably noticed, stories will jump from Current to the Backlog automatically as you move stories around, estimate them, etc.

If you prefer to see and think of the current iteration and the rest of the backlog as one continuous thing, you can combine them!

Check out the screencast below, or just do the following:

  • Sign into Tracker.
  • Open up your Profile.
  • Scroll down to Project Page Preferences and check Include Current in Backlog.
  • Head into your Project.