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Author: Jeff Schomay

Jeff Schomay

Using Elm in Production at Pivotal Tracker


Here at Pivotal Tracker, we have a large product with many pieces in many different tech stacks—some are in Rails RJS, some are plain jQuery, a lot is Backbone, and some is React. We experimented with Redux for a while, and though the architecture was good, it added too much complexity, especially when we tried to integrate it with the existing Backbone code. Read more...

Jeff Schomay

Spring Cleaning: Finding Dead Code with istanbul.js


Many cultures have the ritual of spring cleaning, a deep clean to get areas that aren’t normally covered—scouring the oven, dusting the blinds, and getting rid of your old junk. At Pivotal Tracker, we decided to do a little spring cleaning in our code base to kick off 2016. Read more...