Joanne Webb

Six Third-Party Tools for Automatic Bug Creation and More


Pivotal Tracker lets you stay on top of everything to do with your project, but sometimes your stories need a little something extra.

Fortunately when some of our customers feel that way, they share the results. Here’s a roundup of recent test related Third-Party Tools to help you make the most of your bugs in Tracker.

Bugherd is a website annotation tool, that lets you capture bugs, feature requests, etc.,  by clicking the offending element on your pages using BugHerd’s simple overlay. With this integration, this feedback can be sent straight to Tracker.

Bugsnag allows you to automatically create bug stories in Tracker when a crash is detected in your web and mobile applications.

HoneyBadger error management app users can link their apps to their Tracker projects. When a bug comes in, they can press a button to create a story. The bug stays linked to the story so that users can easily jump to Tracker from Honeybadger.

PivotalFeedback can be hooked up to a “Feedback” link, for example, to allow users to easily submit bugs, features, and chores to Tracker, with all the information you need.

Testrail is a test management tool for QA and software development teams. It integrates with Tracker so you can link test results to stories, push bug reports and look up the details of stories directly from TestRail.

Redline allows  anyone to point out bugs directly onto a web page without having to sign in to Tracker. Instead, their notes auto-generate a story in Tracker, along with a URL that shows the markups on the original web page.

Don’t forget to look in on the integrations we’ve created as well, including Bugzilla, Lighthouse, Jira, and the ability to create connections to other tools in Tracker.