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HiveApps is the easiest way for software developers to get started with mobile app development. When you start a Developer Project, we provide an initial template, along with integrations to the tools you need, all in a single location and ready to use in under 60 seconds! With the click of a button, you will not only be able to build and download your app, but also start planning user stories, tracking bugs, and managing team activity. The integrations we provide include Pivotal Tracker for project management, GitHub for version control, Slack for team communication, PhoneGap Build for continuous integration, and Google Drive for file sharing.

For those who are not interested in the development process, HiveApps is perfect for you, too! Our mission is to connect developers to people with great ideas. We enable you to share your app ideas with our community in an effort to gain votes, get feedback, build a development team, and turn your concept into a reality.

Category: Collaboration Productivity Project Management

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