What's new?

The following lists Tracker updates (starting July 25, 2019), such as new or changed features and the occasional deprecation. When there’s a new update, Whats new at the top right of Tracker, will have a snazzy orange dot. Click it to see the most recent updates and links to relevant content. Older updates are also available there.

October 29, 2019, Modifications to Tracker’s Activity Web Hook

Over time, Tracker’s Activity Web Hook had fallen behind with the command types that triggered it. In order to offer a much more robust experience with the web hook, and all applications that use it, we’ve brought it up to par with the commands that are generated through the V5 API Activity endpoint.

September 9, 2019, GitLab + GitLab Self-Managed integrations

Project owners, as well as account owners and admins, can create a GitLab integration so that commits, pull requests and branches in GitLab automatically attach to the appropriate stories. For more please see GitLab integration

July 25, 2019, Bitbucket + Bitbucket Server integrations

We are excited to announce our new Bitbucket and Bitbucket Server integrations! With that, it is now possible to attach Bitbucket branches, commits, and pull requests to your Tracker stories and projects. The following articles will guide you though setting up either integration.

Feature deprecations