Deploy spy

A deployment tracking Chrome extension

If you’re already using Tracker’s Github integration to attach git commits to Tracker stories, then this extension will allow you to see exactly where your Tracker stories are deployed to.

In order to use this plugin, you will need to provide a specifically formatted JSON file for each deployment environment for your app (for example: staging, beta, and test).


Download Deploy Spy from the Chrome Web Store, or for the local/dev version, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this Github repo locally
  2. Open the Chrome kebab menu and go to More Tools > Extensions
  3. Ensure “Developer mode” toggle is turned on
  4. Click “Load Unpacked” and select the location that this repo was cloned to in the open dialog

Extension configuration

Deploy Spy can be configured via the “Options” link on the Chrome Extension entry. The example environments would be configured like so:

Environment Destination URL

Alternatively, import a deploy_spy_config.json from a known hosted location, which is a json object containing environments and URLs, e.g.:

  "beta": "",
  "staging": ""

Commits JSON format

Then either manually, as part of your deployment scripts, etc. update the commits.json file with recent commit data. For example, generate data for all the commits within the last 30 days. This sample rake task is close to what Tracker is using to generate this data.

The data should be valid JSON with a format like this:

"pivotal tracker story id": [
  "first git commit sha",
  "second git commit sha",
  "... and so on"
"123456": [

Once configured correctly, the extension will insert data about the deployment environments when a story is expanded. Specifically, it will show the aggregate of all environments any part of the story is deployed to under the story info box:

expanded story showing code was deployed to On Deck,Production and Staging

More technical details can be found on Deploy Spy’s Github repo.