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Kooky Coder

Locations: Ahmedabad, India

Number of employees: 11–50

Pivotal Tracker user since: 2018

Description: Kooky Coder has the hallmarks of productivity, imagination, curiosity, collaboration, respect, and innovation and aligns them with clients’ objectives.

Kooky Coder’s team has worked with among the many companies to develop strategies and create innovative solutions. Many professionals collaborate through different divisions to help its English and American clients become more efficient and achieve their business goals. Our aim is to innovate our clients’ office departments and give the best higher-value services.

We focus on finding solutions and achievements. With the right people you create a highly efficient, stress-free workplace. And you can’t wait to get to work in the morning, because you really like the people you work with. Companies succeed when they have the right people.

Since five years when we began providing solutions to the clients, our experience has deepened to embrace recruitment, IT, and software services.

Over various businesses of all sizes in the world trust us to help them run their business. We ensure successful retention and transfer of clients’ process knowledge amongst their team members.

We also work on clients’ servers and as per their reporting tools. We help clients set up job responsibilities, methods to monitor our performance and measure the defined goals. And since Kooky Coder is known for its quick turnaround times, all client issues are dealt with swiftly.

Services: Product Development Product Design Product Management Training and Coaching Marketing Services Web Development

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