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Steve Lichtenstein

Android Version 0.8—Now with More Stories!


Back in July, on these very Interweb pages, we discussed the release of the Tracker Android Alpha. We explained our reasoning for putting out a less-than-fully-featured app, as well as—framed by a certain Talking Heads song reference—what the road map looked like for subsequent versions. At this point, get your camera and passport ready, because we’re ready to make the next stop on our journey: version 0.8 of the Android Alpha. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

We’re on a Road to Somewhere—An Android App!


There are all sorts of universal truisms in life: the lure of the cold side of the pillow, the joy of an empty airplane row, the need to release your product’s app on both the iOS and Android platforms. On this last point, Tracker has succeeded at the iOS half of the equation, but lagged behind on the Android front. No longer! We’ve heard (and sympathized with) you, Android users, and we’re pleased to finally release our Android Alpha into the Google Play wild. Read more...

Steve Lichtenstein

New Feature: Preventing Accidental Story Deletions


Throughout the course of history, humanity has learned to develop new and improved ways to correct or mitigate its mistakes. In 1770, the first widely available rubber eraser replaced the use of crustless bread to get rid of errant marks. In 1942, an Iowan farmer became the first person to exclaim “Argh! Do-over!” after mistakenly plowing over his recently planted crops [citation needed]. And now, continuing in that great tradition, Pivotal Tracker is introducing a new feature intended to prevent accidental multiple story deletion. Read more...

JoEllen Carter

Introducing the Tracker API Postman Collection


Postman is a rest API helper app that is available as a Chrome extension or as a packaged app. Postman lets you build HTTP requests piece by piece, and is particularly interesting to our testing team because it allows you to switch context quickly through the use of “environments.” Postman also has some upgrades that can turn a simple API query into a powerful test that can run in several environments. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

New Pivotal Tracker UI and API V5 Now Out of Beta!


There’s a fresh, newly redesigned Pivotal Tracker, with a ton of new features, optimized for growing teams. But you probably already know that, because most of you have been using it for months now! Thanks for all the great feedback, Tracker wouldn’t be what it is today without such a passionate and involved user community. Read more...

Joanne Webb

Google Drive and Sign-in Update


Now you don’t even need to sign in with Google to add Drive files to your stories. Clicking the new Drive icon in an expanded story will either use the Google identity you are currently signed in with or prompt you to sign in to Google. Read more...