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Dan Podsedly

Defrosting Your Icebox


Pivotal Tracker makes it easy to add stories to you project. Hit Ctrl-A, type a quick sentence along the lines of “As a user, I can…so that…”. On most of our projects, we find ourselves discovering new stories all the time, based on the continuous feedback loop that Tracker encourages. Not all stories end up in the backlog, but it’s liberating to be able to capture new ideas and user feedback as they occur. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Story Tasks in Pivotal Tracker


At Pivotal Labs, we like to keep our Tracker stories as small as possible, so that each story describes a single, concrete feature that delivers incremental value to our project’s customer. With small stories, there is rarely a need to break things down further, but sometimes it’s still useful to keep a to-do list while working on a story. This helps keep track of all the little things you have to do, and lets everyone else on the project know exactly what’s left. Read more...

Pivotal Tracker

Deliver Tracker Stories from Capistrano

The scene: Pivotal NYC. Jeff Dean walks up to Dan Podsedly, manager of Pivotal Tracker development. Jeff: Hey Dan, you asked what features we wanted in Tracker. How about a way to automatically mark all my Finished stories as Delivered, all at once? Dan: (with a sly smile) Well, we have an API call for it. Read more...