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Dan Podsedly

Tracker Going All HTTPS


About six months ago, a certain Firefox extension made headlines by making it incredibly easy for people to intercept insecure web cookies and access private information on major web sites such as Facebook, as well as Pivotal Tracker. Read more...

Lewis Hoffman

Why "Upstream Keepalive" is a Good Thing

As Dan mentioned on Monday, Tracker uses an architecture in which a large number of polling requests are serviced by web servers communicating with an in-memory cache, and over the past few weeks we’ve hit a number of resource limits on our cache servers. Yesterday we found a small change that had a big impact on this resource load. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Recent Pivotal Tracker Outages

We’ve had a number of brief outages and/or periods of degraded performance in the last few weeks. I’d like to shed some light on what caused these incidents and what we’re doing to prevent them in the future. Read more...