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Volume Inc.

Volume Inc. on Tracker's New Identity and Website


How did this new Pivotal Tracker’s identity system and website come about, anyway? It started with the need for Tracker to align its image and messaging in order to better identify and distinguish the product’s role as the industry leader in project management software. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Unplanned Tracker Downtime Earlier Today

Pivotal Tracker went down without notice for all users today at 10:50 US Pacific time, for approximately half hour. This happened during a planned release to upgrade our production version of Solr (our search server) , as well as move our Solr-based search service to new hosts, for improved performance as well as improved search functionality. This release, like most of the releases that we do, should not have been noticed or have caused disruption to you in any way. Read more...

Marlena Compton

Tracking Nairobi Dev Camp


On the Tracker team, I love hearing great stories about our users and the things they are able to accomplish using agile methodologies and collaboration. I’m also a woman in tech and have a keen interest in supporting other women as well as other diverse groups who work persistently to reach their goals in tech. One story I’ve been following lately is the story of Tracker user Martha Chelimo Njeri Chumo (“Njeri”) and her teammates. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Tracker Now on CloudFront

For the third time this week, we experienced more CDN issues this morning, causing images and CSS to not load properly for users in places like Toronto, New York, and others. We did everything we could to get our CDN provider to resolve the issue, but at the same began investigating other options. Read more...