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Joanne Webb

Your Feedback and a Change to How We Support You


You may have noticed a Provide Feedback link in the Help & Updates menu, when you’re in a Tracker Project or workspace. We have big plans for that little widget. Though it’s currently intended only for feature requests and comments you don’t necessarily need an answer to, we’ll be improving it so you can find it anywhere, and use it for any reason you want to talk to us. Read more...

F. Morgan Whitney

Who Has Two Thumbs, Excels at Pair Programming, and Wants to Work with Us in Denver? Is it You?


At Pivotal Tracker, we’re trying to make life better for developers all over the world, one project at a time. Our philosophy is that a good tool helps you do your job and gets out of your way, allowing you to focus on what’s important. We’re looking for a few great engineers to join our team to work on improving the greatest agile communication tool around. If this sounds like something you can get behind, read on to learn about life on the Tracker team. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

New Year, New Tracker, New Pricing


2015 is here, hopefully it’s off to a great start for you and your projects! It’s hard to believe, but Pivotal Tracker will be turning 10 this year. What started as an experimental internal tool at Pivotal Labs, a small consultancy in San Francisco at the time, grew into one of the world’s most popular agile project collaboration apps, bringing focus and transparency to thousands of teams around the world. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Recent Tracker Outages and Planned Stability Improvements

Pivotal Tracker is a critical tool for thousands of teams, and providing a stable, reliable service is vitally important for us. Uptime is typically in the proverbial “three nines” (99.95% for the first half of the year), but in the last few weeks we’ve experienced a number of unexpected outages. The worst of which was yesterday, lasting almost two hours. This was disruptive to many of you, and we’d like to apologize. Read more...

Mark Michael

May 15th Outage: Post Mortem

Thursday, May 15th, at approximately 3:30pm Mountain Time, our customers experienced 45 minutes of unexpected downtime. The root cause of the problem was a misconfigured load balancer. A planned maintenance event increased the traffic load for a short period of time causing the misconfigured load balancer to behave poorly and eventually fail. This resulted in a cascading event as each load balancer crashed when traffic was diverted to the next available load balancer. Read more...