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Steve Lichtenstein

Case Study: TINT


With clients as diverse as Wimbledon, Krispy Kreme, and Bad Girls Club, TINT is reimagining how companies present their social media content. From their charming offices in San Francisco’s Mission district, we talked with CTO Nikhil Aitharaju about how the content-marketing platform got started, the evolution of social media, and getting their agile sea legs. Read more...

Matt Heidemann

State Previews on Story Links


Story links provide a lightweight way of referencing a story in another story. Simply copy the story ID or story URL and paste it into a description, comment, or tasks. These story links now show you a visual preview of the story’s state. Read more...

Drew McKinney

Velocity is a Measure of Pace, Not Productivity


When we first introduced Pivotal Tracker Analytics, we put a big Send us Feedback! button at the top of the screen. And to our delight, it worked! We received lots of feedback from customers all over the world. The requests were extremely varied, but one request we heard frequently stood out amongst all the others. With 22% of all customer requests, reporting on points completed (or velocity) per individual developer was by far the most requested feature. Read more...

Matt Heidemann

Updates to Sign In


The Remember me option is gone, but you haven’t been forgotten… After you sign in, you will remain signed in when the browser restarts. You now need to explicitly sign out before closing your browser, to not be “remembered.” Also, after seven days of inactivity in Tracker, you will be automatically signed out. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Reply to Comments with @ Mentions


Last month, we made it so that clicking on a story comment notification (either in the app or in email) took you directly to the comment in which you’d been mentioned. “That’s great and all,” we hear you saying, “but replying to that comment can be a bit painful when you’re trying to keep everyone already @ mentioned in the conversation.” Fair point! Hold onto your horses, because now you can quickly reply to everyone who’s part of a comment thread with one click. Read more...