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Dan Podsedly

OAuth For Tracker Twitter Notifications

Starting June 30, the Twitter API will no longer allow 3rd party applications (such as Tracker) to connect using your Twitter username and password. Instead, applications will be required to use OAuth, an authentication protocol that allows users to approve a 3rd party application to act on their behalf without sharing their username/password. Read more...

Sean Beckett

SF.TUG: Pivotal Tracker 101

Perhaps you have heard about Pivotal Tracker but you don’t know if it’s a good fit for your organization. Perhaps you are a new user with some questions about how best to use the tool. Perhaps you’ve been using Tracker for a while but are curious about more advanced features. If you’re in San Francisco next Tuesday we can give you answers in person. Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Pivotal Tracker API Update

Pivotal Tracker API Update blog post featured image

The Pivotal Tracker API has now been available for just over a year, and we’re really pleased with the rich variety of tools and applications that our user community has built with it, to extend Tracker’s functionality. There are now integration tools, wrappers for various programming languages, mobile apps, an IRC console, and many more on the way (see the third-party tools page for a comprehensive list). Read more...

Dan Podsedly

Track-r, Mobile Pivotal Tracker Application by Koombea

Koombea announced the release of the Track-r application for iPhone, a mobile client for Pivotal Tracker. Track-r is a free, open source application, and was developed using Rhomobile’s RhoHub and the Rhodes “write once and run on many” framework. Trackr uses RhoSync to sync data to your device allowing you to manage your work whether or not you have an internet connection. All of your data is synced with Pivotal Tracker the next time you get a connection. Read more...